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Karpal: Ramasamy Must Apologise for 'GODFATHER' Remark!

BUTTERWORTH: DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said Penang DAP deputy chairman P. Ramasamy must make a public apology for reportedly labelling him as a 'godfather', and should respect veteran leaders.
Karpal said without the veteran leaders who had struggled and sacrificed their time and resources to build the party, the DAP would certainly not be in the position it was now.

"Who built the DAP? The veteran leaders had built the party and no one should forget the sacrifices of these leaders. The present leaders would not be what they are now without the sacrifice made by the veterans," he said.
He said this in his speech at the Penang DAP annual convention, here today. Karpal's criticism against Ramasamy had caused a brief commotion among supporters of the Penang Deputy Chief Minister II, but the situation was brought under control shortly after.

Karpal also turned the convention as a platform for him to criticise Ramasamy for labelling him as 'godfather'.
"Godfather portrays the image of a mafia group, while the DAP has never tolerated the mafia," he said.
In addition, Karpal also criticised Ramasamy for joining the party and trying to 'do things his own way'.
"Nobody can become warlords in the DAP, including Ramasamy by trying to nominate his election candidates," he said.

Earlier, Ramasamy, who is also the Perai State Assemblyman, was reported to have announced at a function recently that he and three Indian women candidates would be contesting in the 13th general election.
Subsequently, Karpal, who is also the Member of Parliament for Bukit Gelugor, issued a warning to Ramasamy not to announce his close friends as candidates. -- Bernama
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